Beatrice’s Dream

Dedicated to Beatrice G. This is a very special painting. I have created it trying to describe a very dear friend to me, Beatrice G. We spent a lot of time together in London and in Italy and we have always been very different but oddly very similar. She is a wonderful person and, let me say, a wonderful actress. She is a bundle of confusion and sparkles, always too much but often you can’t get enough of her, she sings and plays, laughs a lot, and used to fall over a lot as well, probably not anymore… and so as you may imagine, very hard to put on paper. I tried my best and I can surely tell you that if this painting looks so special, coloured and attractive to you, it’s only because of her. Because it’s her. You can admire it live at the Exhibition Artedonna 12-20 January 2019 in Rome at the Arca di Noesis Art Gallery.


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