This series has been dedicated to wolves, it has been part of an exhibition organised in partnership with the bakery "Il Banco Del Pane" which is set in the very centre of Bologna, Italy. This wanted to be an enjoyable experience for everyone and an opportunity to integrate art into our everyday life. In order... Continue Reading →


HORSES 35X100 mixed technique watercolour, watercolour pencils and acrylic paint on paper. Purchased by a lovely lady whom fell in love with it at first sight during the Exhibition ARTEDONNA 2019 in Rome.

Beatrice’s Dream

Dedicated to Beatrice G. This is a very special painting. I have created it trying to describe a very dear friend to me, Beatrice G. We spent a lot of time together in London and in Italy and we have always been very different but oddly very similar. She is a wonderful person and, let... Continue Reading →

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