HORSES 35X100 mixed technique watercolour, watercolour pencils and acrylic paint on paper. Purchased by a lovely lady whom fell in love with it at first sight during the Exhibition ARTEDONNA 2019 in Rome.

Beatrice’s Dream

Dedicated to Beatrice G. This is a very special painting. I have created it trying to describe a very dear friend to me, Beatrice G. We spent a lot of time together in London and in Italy and we have always been very different but oddly very similar. She is a wonderful person and, let... Continue Reading →

The Lucky Day

I have to say that I wouldn't have imagined that my first fox Hunting scene would have been like this.  I have always been used to see the big ones hung on the walls of my home and looked at them fascinated. I am a rider myself and I have participated more than once to... Continue Reading →

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