In Memory of Edward

These Letters have been created in Memory of Edward who passed away in 2015. Commissioned from the family, the letters are decorated with flora and fauna present in Southern Ireland.


There it is! So alive and beautiful, the Lion, header image of my website. On commission I almost felt sorry giving it away.

Honourable Pheasant

When my Hound killed a Pheasant I was so upset that I decided to paint it in one of my pictures. So here it is the poor Honourable Pheasant!! The Spaniel you see it's Smiley... who's Never Caught a Pheasant in her life!!!  This painting is Now in Southern Ireland, a Gift to Helen, my... Continue Reading →

Red Macaw

The Red Macaw was created as a good will gift for the birth of Natan. A couple of lines followed the image “May you always speak with wisdom and may all your dreams come true” . Parrot in symbology is the wise teacher of the power of your words, spoken or not spoken. The parrot... Continue Reading →

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